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Current Board Members

In accordance with the SDA Church Manual (page 134), the board members are elected during a church business meeting. In our case, the business meeting is used to elect the nominating committee who then nominates the positions within the church. The board is composed of the leaders of each ministry/section, the elders, plus the pastor as the chairperson of the board. 

The current members of the board are: 

Keith Gray - Pastor

Terry Mahoney - Elder

Ken Kerley - Elder

Frank Tristan - Head Elder

Carlos Giner - Elder

Melanie Wilcox - Head Deaconess

Norma Douglas - Food Pantry

Nicki Mahoney - Clerk

David Dickson - Head Deacon

Marcie Dickson - Treasurer

Jan McClendon - Assistant Treasurer (Pays church bills)

Antonette Melrose - Director of Health Ministry

Tom Melrose - A/V Booth / Communications

LaVonne Smith - Sabbath School Clerk / Organ

Caroline James - Custodial Services

Lisa Gauna - Director of Prayer Ministry

Dale Thorp - Music Director

Fannie Khoza - Woman's Ministry

Sabrina Jackson - Social Director

Tina May - Sabbath School Superintendent

Note: Jan is not the head treasurer but she is included since she pays the church bills. It is important for the board to have both Marcie and Jan attend. 

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