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Our church conducts many events throughout the year. Each event will have its own detailed and up to date page, but here we will provide an overview of each one as a quick reference. This will allow members the ability to gather some background information on what the church is doing and then choose which ones they would like to support by volunteering.


More detailed information will be placed on the individual pages. The events will not be listed in any particular order.


Please consider volunteering for as many of these events as possible. Everyone in the church can participate and do something to support our evangelism efforts, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior and to assist us in supporting our community.  

Pictures and videos of these events are located on our media page (click the button below).

Health Fair

Health fairs are conducted annually in the auditorium of the Baytown Community Center or other venues and is a free event. This event was last conducted in April of 2021 and was based on NEW START, which is an acronym which stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust. This is also referred to as the eight laws of health and was first developed by the Weimar Institute in California. 

The event included such things as blood pressure checks, cholesterol checks, blood sugar checks, breath capacity checks, medical and dental checks, men's and women's health, physical fitness and BMI checks, and computer health age checks. The fair also included free food, massage therapy, a blood drive, a cooking demonstration, a barber and raffles every half hour for prizes. And everything was free to the community!

We are planning on conducting these NEW START health fairs every year in and planning has already started for the next one through the church's health committee. Come and join us!

Dinner With The Doctor (DWTD)

DWTD events are held throughout the year (we are attempting 2 or 3 a year). Each DWTD will feature a different topic and are intended to be a short (two-hour) event that includes about an hour presentation by the doctor while eating a healthy meal followed by a Q&A session and a cooking demonstration. 

The topics will come from what the community is requesting at these events and at the health fair. So the most popular requests will be planned for the next year such as stop smoking classes, diabetes, CPR, cooking demonstrations, blood pressure/hypertension, losing weight, etc. 

These events are also planned and coordinated by the health committee, so if you want to participate then come and join us!

Food Pantry

The church maintains a food pantry that tries to meet the needs of the community all year long, but especially during the holidays. Dozens and dozens of boxes of food items are delivered to the needy at least twice per year during Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Those that want to support this effort can volunteer by donating food items to the pantry to keep it stocked year around, or by helping to build the boxes for delivery, or by actually delivering the boxes, or by helping to organize the pantry. There is more than one way to support this valuable ministry in the church. What can you do?


The church conducts outreach periodically (usually after the service program on Sabbath). The outreach team usually meets in the annex and eats a small meal and then heads out to conduct outreach at around 2:30 pm.

There are other outreach efforts in the church as well (you don't have to do anything formal -- everyone can do outreach together or even on their own). One couple in the church regularly visits a retirement home to minister to the elderly at that facility. They spend time with them (friendship evangelism), sing songs with them and of course talk about Jesus and pray with them. This is a perfect example of church members doing something to make a difference. 

Another couple in the church runs a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry where they give away free materials such as books, magazines, CDs, bookmarks, DVDs, bible study guides, small handouts and other items. They've supported the church's outreach efforts by providing materials for the team and throughout the years the couple has managed to give away thousands and thousands of items. This non-profit ministry has also given food to homeless people, provided a wheelchair, bought food for the needy and even supported an evangelism series in the Philippines.


Everyone can do something! Either volunteer to help with one of the church's official events or do something on your own. Every member can do something!

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

VBS is held every year during the summer months for the children in the church and the community. These events are held for one week for a few hours each evening. VBS includes Bible stories, crafts, singing songs, games and other events to engage the children in good, biblical activities where they learn about Jesus. 

Planning has already started so if you want to participate or volunteer in some way then make the choice to get involved and help. The church can always use more help with all of our events. 

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