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Church Picnic (March 2024)

Thanks to the social committee led by Sabrina, the church gathered for a picnic for fellowship, good food and games.


Bill's Birthday (2023)

Bill Jones' 96th birthday celebration before the church potluck. 


Singing Christmas Carols (2022)

Church members gathered to sing Christmas carols at the assisted living facility (apartments). Coordinated by Frank and Leticia. 


Baptisms (July 2022)

These are some of the baptisms that took place in 2022. Both Sabrina and Malcolm were great additions to our church family. 


Ryan Day (2022)

Guest speaker Ryan Day from 3ABN came to our church to speak and do a concert. 


Agape Feast (2022)

The church gathered to bring in the New Year. Sadly, this was the last church event that Don attended before his vehicle accident and eventual passing. 


Pillows of Love Ministry

The church members gathered to make neck pillows and eye masks (to block out the light) for dialysis patients. 


Health Day

The church held a health awareness day on the Sabbath with a special guest as speaker and natural health classes in the afternoon. 


Pastor Skeete & Baptisms (2021)

Pastor Randy Skeete was our guest speaker and we ended his time with us with multiple baptisms. 


Vacation Bible School

VBS was held in September 2021 in the church annex and sanctuary. See the video on YouTube or on the main VBS page.


Dinner With The Doctor

The very first DWTD covered combating diabetes with guest speaker, Dr. Mirna Puesan. Everyone learned a lot and the food was great!


Health Fair

The church hosted a NEWSTART Health Fair on the church grounds for the first time. It was blessed with great weather. 

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Church Flooded

During the freezing temperatures in February of 2021, the church had several water pipe breaks which caused extensive flooding and damage to the church. 


Pillows of Love (2020)

The church members gathered to make neck pillows and eye masks (to block out the light) for dialysis patients. 


Scavenger Hunt (2020)

Church members gathered at Jenkins Park for a Sabbath scavenger hunt, Bible study, fellowship and a meal.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School for 2020. The theme was the Ten Commandments. 


Community Support

The church donated clothes and other items to church members affected by an apartment fire and also to other residents (June 6, 2020). 


Sabbath Service

This was Pastor Conrad Bobb-Semple's first Sabbath with our church (June 6, 2020)


Welcome Luncheon for Pastor Conrad

The church hosted a welcome luncheon (potluck) for our new Pastor and his family (June 6, 2020)


Outreach 2020

The church's efforts at door-to-door, food distribution, literature evangelism and more (May 5, 2020). 


Our Church

Random pictures of our church inside and out. 


Bridal Shower

Church hosted a bridal shower for couple in the annex. 


Health Fair 2020

The church hosted a health fair at the Baytown Community Center using the 8 laws of health.


Gathering at Park

Church members meet at the park for some fellowship. 


Vacation Bible School

The church conducted a vacation bible school for the kids for a week during the summer of 2019.


Children's Party

The outreach team hosted a children's holiday party at the apartment complex that they've been going door-to-door. 


Thanksgiving 2019

The church prepared Thanksgiving boxes for the community.


Baby Shower (Deng)

The church hosted a baby shower for Deng and Jeck in the Annex.


Hospital Visit

Church members visit a family in the hospital to see how they're doing. 


Gifts For Kristen

First Sabbath service at the church during quarantine and gifts were given to Kristen and her baby. 


Outreach 2019

Members going door-to-door in apartment complex handing out Christian materials and asking for interests in Bible studies.

Attention: If you have pictures or videos and would like them added to the church archives, then please contact the website manager. Thanks! 

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