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At the Supermarket

Food Pantry

Baytown-LaPorte SDA Church

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The food pantry is located in the annex building of the Baytown-LaPorte SDA Church. It is maintained and stocked year around. But one of the primary focuses of the pantry is during the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas when boxes of food items are given to those that need help. 

Food Pantry Needs

Butter                                                  Kool Aid

Flour                                                    Baking Soda

Corn Meal                                            Macaroni

Canned Green Beans                           Jelly or Jam

Pinto Beans                                          Spaghetti

Tomato Sauce                                      Canned Meats (No pork or other unclean meats)

Canned Fruit                                       Canned Sweet Peas

Canned Milk                                        Canned Corn

Oatmeal                                              Rice

Peanut Butter                                      Canned Greens

Cooking Oil                                         Dishwashing Liquid

Navy Beans                                          Laundry Soap

Sugar                                                   Paper Towels


Please contact Norma Douglas at 281-515-4768. 

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