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Virtual Church Services

The church is broadcasting live to Facebook and YouTube. Click on the Facebook or YouTube icon at the top of the page to watch church services starting around 10:50 every Sabbath. 

Wednesday Mid-Week Service

Use the button below to connect to Zoom and use the ID number provided. Passwords are sent out by the church to the mass distribution list, so if you're not on the list, then contact the AV booth to be included. 

6:00 PM

Meeting ID: 843 7051 6291

While the church is in the process of bringing on a new pastor, which could take up to seven months or more, the leadership would like input from members on the time, location and format of the Wednesday Service. 

If you want to provide input go to our contact page and submit your suggestions using the contact form. 

Purpose for the Wednesday Service: (Draft) To focus minds on God in the middle of the week for members to get 'refueled' and to stay spiritually on track and to conduct a short prayer session. Wednesday Service also allows for fellowship and provides more of an intimate atmosphere because less people usually attend and there's more interaction. 

Agenda: (Draft) 


Short opening prayer

Speaker (Adult Bible Study)

Prayer Session

   - To edify and encourage God's people.

   - Generates devotion to God. 

   - Brings God's promised blessing (Matthew 18:19-20). 

Draft: The Wednesday Service should last no more than an hour. The Adult Bible Study session should be no more than 30-40 minutes to allow for the prayer session at the end. 

Video Archives

To watch past videos (Sabbath Service, Sabbath School, Health Nuggets and other videos) then please go to our YouTube page. Click on the icon at the top of the page. 

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