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What Does The Bible Say About The Antichrist?

Daniel chapter 7 (and there are even more in Revelation 13, 17-18) gives us very precise identifying features of the Antichrist and every single one must apply in order to make an accurate identification possible.


The 13 features are as follows:

1. It arose out of the fourth beast.

2. It came up among the ten horns. 

3. It came up after the ten horns had been established.

4. It was to uproot three horns.

5. It was to be greater than the others.

6. It was to be different than the others.

7. It was to have eyes like the eyes of a man and speak great words against God. 

8. It was to make war on God's saints. 

9. It would think to change times and laws. 

10. The saints were to be handed over to it for a time and times and half a time. 

11. It shall devour the whole earth. 

12. It shall reign until the Ancient of Days comes. 

13. Its dominion will be taken away. 

There is only one system that meets all the identifying features listed in Daniel chapter 7, and this is the Papacy. The Bible is not dealing with individuals, but with a religious and political system that for more than 1500 years has claimed the power to control the planet's conscience.


The videos listed here are from different pastors and ministries and they all explain who the Antichrist is in Bible prophecy and end time events. 

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