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Bible Prophecy Seminar!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Tell your friends and your neighbors, in fact, tell your enemies as well! Give them this website: It's that easy!

The Baytown-LaPorte SDA Church is participating in the UNLOCKING BIBLE PROPHECIES seminar series from October 3 to the 17th, nightly at 7:00pm.

This series will be provided in 28 different languages and even more languages will be added in March.

You can watch live on YouTube or Facebook or at

This event is sponsored by Adventist World Radio and the speaker is Cami Oetman.

If you want to participate in other exciting ways, then go to (the dm stands for digital missionary) and sign up to be a digital missionary. You can sign up to answer Bible questions that are submitted to AWR. The portal will assign people with questions and prayer requests that are close to our area by zip code.

You can also sign up to do small tasks for AWR. You'll receive emails with tasks which support the evangelistic series. Now everyone can be a missionary! Go to to sign up as a digital missionary.


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