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Country Living!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Check out our new Country Living page on the website. You can find it under the Ministries tab.

This page will provide resources to those planning to or thinking about moving to the country. There are websites, videos and links to books that will help in your research and planning.

There are a lot of people that have made the move to the country and can share all of their experiences so we don't have to make the same mistakes.

At first it may seem impossible because of lack of money or resources, but pray and ask God if it's His will for you to move and if the answer is yes, then take that first step of faith (which can be simply studying the topic and doing some research on the price of land).

There are other options, like pooling of resources (especially money, skills, and equipment) where groups have pooled their resources to purchase land, then split it up into family plots. I know of churches that are doing this right now, but this takes a lot of trust in the other people that you're teaming up with.

Another option available to some - maybe you can only afford to buy one acre of land without a house. Then do that and then purchase a used RV and live out of that while you "work" the land. According to some experts, you don't even need an acre of land, you only need a little more than a thousand square feet of land to sustain one person.

Just remember to continue to pray and follow God's will.

Also, check out the YouTube channel. We've uploaded a lot of videos (shorter videos). The Health Nugget videos include all the imbedded videos and slides.

God bless!


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