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Church Board Information - Important!

The church board and Elders have decided to maintain all current church positions/duties/responsibilities for an additional year. Bottom line: If you currently hold a position in the church, you will continue in that role for another year.

If for some reason you cannot perform your current duties or wish to change them, then please contact the Head Elder immediately. The list is being forwarded to the conference very soon!

The reason for maintaining all current positions is because of the Covid-19 situation. It would be very difficult to have all church members vote and then to meet to decide on new roles/responsibilities, and then to have an additional vote to confirm the new roster and the deadline to submit the list to the conference is fast approaching.

To maintain continuity during this Covid-19 situation, the church board and Elders believe it is best to maintain what we have going on in the church until after the situation returns to normal and members start attending services in person again.


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