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Pastor Search Begins!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The church board had a zoom meeting with the Conference Secretary about the process of finding a new pastor for our church.

He explained the entire process of how the conference will find three potential candidates based on the board's input (likes, dislikes, needs, etc.).

Then the board will have the opportunity to do research like looking them up online, watching some of their past sermons and discussing them within the board (names will not be released to the entire church during this process - so please don't ask).

Then the board will have the opportunity to rank order the three candidates and the conference will set up an hour-long zoom meeting with each candidate. The board will then be able to ask questions, hear what the pastor has to say, and then afterwards make a decision and pass that along to the conference.

The board is working on other issues as well like maybe the possibility of changing our conference back to the prior conference where we were united with the Baytown Spanish SDA Church. Prior to Pastor Conrad our pastor was the pastor for both churches (ours and the Spanish church).

Be patient as we all work through this process and support your church leadership. Pray for them to make the right decisions for the church to help it to continue to grow and prosper and to be able to select the best pastor for the church.

God bless.


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