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Pastor Moving On

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The time always comes when the pastor must move on and it is now time for Pastor Conrad Bobb-Semple to move on to a new church in San Antonio, plus a small church plant.

Going from three churches to about one and a half will be a nice "break" for the pastor. He's worked hard these past few years and he's driven many, many miles going from church to church (usually visiting two churches on each Sabbath).

His leadership, hard work and sermons will be missed. The church's leadership wish him the best and thank him for all that he's done for the church.

Now the church leadership (primarily the church board in coordination with the conference) will work on bringing another pastor to our church so that we can continue to grow and prosper.

Until the new pastor arrives, the church elders will keep everything running smoothly. Please give your support to the head elder and his team of elders as they do their best to keep the church growing, to keep us united on the truth and to make the Sabbath service an environment where we can all worship God together as a family.

The leadership asks that you be patient as we all work through this time until the new pastor arrives.

God bless!


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