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Church Is Open This Sabbath (2 May 2020)!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Here is the basic schedule which is going to be very short and to the point for several reasons. We need to keep it simple because we're trying to go live on Zoom and Facebook for the first time. Plus, we have some guidelines provided by the conference for opening the church back up (more on that in another post).

Anyways, here's the schedule for this Sabbath:

0945-1000 We will start the Zoom session (sometime between 0945 and 1000 we'll also start the livestream to Facebook).

1000-1045 Sabbath School

1045-1100 Announcements and Prayer Requests

1100-1130 Pray, Health Nugget, Offering

1130-UTC Sermon (Zoom will be left on afterwards for group time/discussions)

This is a rough schedule and things might change, so please be patient and bear with us as we work through all the issues. We are doing our best to re-open the church and follow certain guidelines to safeguard the congregation.

Good news for those missing the hymns and songs. We're going to try and add a song at the beginning and at the end.

God bless!


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