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Conference Guidelines

For those that want to read the guidelines from the Texas Conference, here is the link:

Remember, they are guidelines. The church will re-open as much as possible while taking into account the safety and security of all members of the congregation.

Here's a summary of the important points for phase one:

Vulnerable members are encouraged to remain home to enjoy worship online.

Try to practice social distancing as much as possible (keeping spaces in-between members in the pews, avoid hugging and shaking of hands)

Initially, there will be no potlucks or large gatherings.

Conduct multiple services to accommodate smaller groups or use virtual services to have a smaller group at the church and everyone else at home.

Here's a link to the Texas Governor's guidelines for opening up churches:

Bottom line: Many of these steps/guidelines will be 'behind the scenes' and will not be seen by many members, especially by those that choose to stay home and attend virtually. If you are in a vulnerable category (elderly, or have a pre-existing health issue), then stay home.

God bless!


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