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Members In Need! Please Pray!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

UPDATE (June 6, 2020 at 9:00pm): The church had a special collection of offerings for the two church members that lost almost everything when their apartment burned down.

The church also went to the apartment complex today and set up two tables and handed out clothes and other items to those that were affected by the fire. The church members spent over two hours in the hot sun handing out items. There were items left over so we are planning on doing this again probably next Sabbath. We also have other donations coming in to the church, so we'll have plenty of items to hand out next Sabbath.


UPDATE (June 5, 2020 at 7:17pm): Ignore the Goodwill gift card idea. We found out that Houston is one of the few Goodwill locations that doesn't sell or accept Goodwill gift cards. What a shame!

Anyways, the plan is to set up tables at the apartment complex tomorrow to give away the clothes and other items. We'll have a quick luncheon for the pastor and then clean up and head out to do outreach (I believe it is the Laguna Azul complex). The pastor has informed us that he has to leave by 2:00pm so this works out for everyone.

Also, good news, we were informed by Amy (she went to the apartments) that the main office has provided new apartments to all of those that lost their apartments in the fire. The complex had enough empty apartments to accommodate everyone. The not so good news, is that those are not furnished apartments, so everyone (including Arthur) will eventually need help getting/acquiring everything they need to live in those apartments. Tomorrow we will focus on clothes.

Bring your donations (primarily clothes items, but you can donate whatever you want) and join us at the luncheon and then everyone is also welcome to join us at the apartment complex to hand out the clothes and other items.


UPDATE (June 5, 2020 at 3:15pm): Frank and Leticia went to the apartment complex and spoke to some of the residents. It looks like their greatest need right now is clothes. So if you have any clothes you can donate, please bring them to church tomorrow and give them to Frank and they will distribute them to the residents at the apartment complex or maybe we'll go as a group and include some outreach! Another idea might be to buy some Goodwill gift cards that can be given out as well.



There was a fire at an apartment complex and our church brother Arthur Lubin and his son Isaac have lost almost everything. They did have some clothes (very little) in their car.

They have been offered a place to stay by another church family, so they have someplace to go if needed. But, they will need help with everything else in the coming days as they try to get back on their feet.

Arthur is expected to attend Sabbath tomorrow (5 June) so he can provide additional details and we can have a special prayer session for him and his son and for the others that live at that apartment complex.

Please pray for both of them and for the others that lived in that apartment complex.

Also pray for Miss Roslyn Jones and her two daughters and five grandchildren that lived in that same complex. Frank and Leticia were witnessing to her and her overall status is not known at this time, but please include her in your prayers as well.

As we receive updates, we'll place them at the top of this post.

Initial information was received from Frank and Leticia Tristen.


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